Navigator and Siouxland Ethanol Sign CO2 Capture Agreement

Navigator and Siouxland Ethanol Sign CO2 Capture Agreement - Carbon Herald
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Navigator CO2 Ventures announced yesterday that the company has signed a partnership agreement with Siouxland Ethanol for carbon capture, transport and storage services.

The agreement will utilize Navigator’s Heartland Greenway pipeline system which will transport CO2 to a sequestration site in Illinois.

Navigator will handle the design and installation of the CO2 capturing equipment for the Jackson, Nebraska plant. The projected capacity that will be captured by the system is 235,000 tonnes with a projected beginning of operations in 2025.

Commenting after the deal Matt Vining, CEO of Navigator said: “The provided services will create a day-one economic benefit to the facility and surrounding community, while abating almost 100% of Siouxland’s greenhouse gas emissions.”

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Nick Bowdish, president and chief executive officer, Siouxland Ethanol commented by saying. “..our company is a living example of how to provide real solutions to our transportation needs that both lower the carbon footprint and are readily available at scale today. This agreement with Navigator takes our commitment to provide clean octane and increases it exponentially.”

When the Heartland Greenway system reaches its full capacity it will sequester a total of 15 million tonnes of CO2 annually from sites in six states across the Midwest.

Siouxland’s ethanol plant has been able to increase its operations in the last 15 years and now employs 41 people. It purchases over 30 million bushels of corn from the area and produces a low carbon ethanol for various purposes – directly as fuel, feed for livestock and corn oil as part of a blended renewable biofuel.

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