NativState Completes Sales Of First Verified Forest Carbon Credits

NativState Completes Sales Of First Verified Forest Carbon Credits - Carbon Herald

Conway, AR-based forest carbon developer NativState, LLC ( today announced the release and sales of its first verified forest carbon credits.

This project represented approximately 18,000 acres of sustainably managed forestland across southern Arkansas, generating additional income for family forest landowners through the creation of an estimated 1,500,000 carbon credits over the next twenty years. All the project’s credits are independently verified to comply with the ACR Improved Forest Management (IFM) version 2.0 methodology.

This marks the launch of NativState into the voluntary carbon market through its unique landowner aggregation model of forest carbon development. NativState partners with small to medium sized landowners across the Southern U.S. to develop high-quality forest carbon credits. Landowners in this region have a long history of aggressive timber harvesting.

NativState’s unique approach enables landowners to optimize the management of their forests over time while realizing a new revenue source, by balancing timber harvests with sustainable management practices, and implementing a forest management plan as part of the carbon project. At the same time, organizations can partner with NativState to address their emissions reduction goals through purchasing high-quality carbon credits.

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“We have reached an important and critical milestone in the development of forest carbon credits in the voluntary carbon market in the United States. With the validation of ACR Project 783 and the initial sale of credits associated with that land, we have validated our model of creating truly additional, high-integrity carbon credits by aggregating landowners across our home region. We have also proven that there is significant demand for high-integrity forest carbon credits from buyers in the offtake market space,” said Stuart Allen, NativState founder and CEO.

“The S&J Taylor Forest Project is located in an area of high biodiversity and timber potential. This project demonstrates how forest carbon projects can promote sustainable forest management and ecological value while also generating climate benefits and forest products,” said Dr. Kurt Krapfl, forestry director at ACR. “NativState offers an opportunity for landowners in the region who are trying to maintain family woodlands by accessing carbon finance.”

NativState has 10 additional projects registered with ACR for verification. The company is currently managing over 200,000 net forested acres across the heart of a thriving U.S. timber industry, thus creating high value through its additionality and commitment to integrity. The company’s goal is to help small landowners optimize forest management and conserve their acres for generations to come, resulting in both family landowner legacies and additional co-benefits including increased biodiversity and improved water quality for the acres NativState places under management.

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