National Carbon Capture Center To Launch First DAC Facility Test

National Carbon Capture Center To Launch First DAC Facility Test - Carbon Herald

The National Carbon Capture Center (NCCC) has just announced the first on-site test of its installed and commissioned direct air capture (DAC) plant. 

The demonstration is to be held in collaboration with Southern States Energy Board (SSEB) and Aircapture.

SSEB and Aircapture aim to conduct a series of thorough tests of the project called the Direct Air Capture Recovery of Energy for CCUS Partnership (DAC RECO2UP).

Both sides will be using the expertise and cutting-edge technology of the NCCC to hopefully make significant progress in the development and implementation of DAC technology. 

John Carroll, NCCC principal research engineer stated: “The National Carbon Capture Center has a strong history of supporting the development of post-combustion carbon capture technologies, and we are excited to build on the lessons learned and infrastructure from that work to expand our scope to include direct air capture technologies.” 

“Our staff’s expertise in hosting and supporting technology developers provides a great environment that can accelerate innovation in the direct air capture space,” he concluded. 

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Carbon removal is already largely recognized as a vital tool necessary to meeting global climate targets, and DAC is among the solutions that holds great potential to quickly and permanently remove vast quantities of CO2 from the atmosphere. 

But in order to swiftly reach the needed scale for meaningful climate impact, tests and demonstrations like the one conducted by SSEB, Aircapture and other DAC RECO2UP will be required first. 

The team members are focused on doing precisely that and through their efforts, the National Carbon Capture Center should be able to start scaling its modular DAC solution. 

The testing is funded by the Department of Energy’s (DOE) Office of Fossil Energy and Carbon Management and National Energy Technology Laboratory.

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