Mubadala Energy And Pertamina Join Forces To Explore Carbon Capture In Indonesia

Mubadala Energy And Pertamina Join Forces To Explore Carbon Capture In Indonesia - Carbon Herald
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Two energy leaders, UAE-founded Mubadala Energy and Indonesia’s national energy company Pertamina, initiated a collaboration aiming to explore carbon capture opportunities in Indonesia.

Through collaborative discussions and assessment of relevant projects, this collaboration agreement provides a structure for exploring carbon capture, utilization, and storage (CCUS) solutions for Pertamina’s and Mubadala Energy’s current asset portfolios in Indonesia.

The common objective is to investigate possibilities for supporting the energy transition in projects in Indonesia that could benefit from the implementation of the CCUS decarbonization system. This will be achieved by combining expertise and know-how from both companies, as well as analyzing investment prospects for upstream projects seeking low-carbon technologies.

The Mubadala Petroleum company has been on the energy market since 2002, with their most recent rebranding to Mubadala Energy hinting at the company’s aspiration to explore business ventures beyond the gas industry and into new spheres of energy. They operate globally, and their presence in Indonesia was established in 2004.

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During this time, the company acquired four Production Sharing Contracts (PSC) covering an area of operations that classifies Mubadala Energy as the largest net acreage holder in the region. Their portfolio of projects includes the Ruby Natural Gas Field, the Andaman I, and the South Andaman Gross Split PSC, granting the opportunity to research future opportunities in the North Sumatra basin.

Indonesia stands to gain from the knowledge and pathways introduced by this collaboration as it seeks to transition into more sustainable ventures.

On behalf of Pertamina, Nicke Widyawati, CEO, commented: “With over six decades of experience in the energy industry, Pertamina has been integral to Indonesia’s growth story. As the country continues to develop, the company is committed to decarbonization goals and securing Indonesia’s energy requirements while supporting the country’s 2060 Net Zero goals.”

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