MOF Technologies Rebrands To Nuada, Seeks To Redefine Carbon Capture

MOF Technologies Rebrands To Nuada, Seeks To Redefine Carbon Capture - Carbon Herald

MOF Technologies has announced its rebranding to Nuada in a move that represents the company’s desire to “redefine” carbon capture with its “next-generation heatless” technology, which reduces the costs associated with carbon dioxide (CO2) capture.

Nuada refers to a deity in Irish mythology, whose name means “to capture” in Irish – an ode to the Celtic roots of the company, which is based in Belfast, the capital of Northern Ireland.

Nuada’s technology combines metal organic frameworks (MOFs), which are advanced solid adsorbents, with vacuum swing adsorption (VSA) to separate CO2 from flue gas using pressure instead of heat.

The fact that heat is eliminated from the process is expected to help remove the main barriers preventing the mass adoption of carbon capture technology.

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According to Nuada, its technology will provide emitters from hard-to-abate industries with an efficient and economical decarbonization solution to help them reach their net zero targets.

“This brand direction and new website signify the start of a new era of redefining carbon capture, where the adoption barriers of energy intensity and high cost are removed,” Dr. Conor Hamill, Co-CEO at Nuada, said in a comment.

The company seeks to create innovative scalable solutions for efficiently capturing carbon emissions from diverse sources that can be retrofitted to existing industrial installations, he added.

Dr. Jose Casaban, also Co-CEO, said that the aim is make carbon removal both more accessible and affordable for businesses and governments globally.

“We are excited about the potential of our solutions to make a positive impact on the environment while unlocking billions in savings for industrial emitters,” he added.

Currently, Nuada’s technology is being used by industry leaders in the energy and cement production sectors at pilot plant-scale.

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