MOF Technologies Brings Carbon Capture Costs Down By 80%

MOF Technologies Brings Carbon Capture Costs Down By 80% - Carbon Herald

Belfast-based company MOF Technologies has been working on novel technology that can bring down carbon capture costs by as much as 80%. 

Lowering energy costs is one of the biggest challenges to overcome when it comes to carbon capture. 

And thanks to this team of innovators, that might just be possible. 

The company’s breakthrough system can reduce energy costs by up to 80%, bringing the price tag down to £13 ($16) and making carbon capture more scalable. 

Vacuum pressure swing adsorption (PSA) technology and metal organic framework-based  (MOF) filters work together to drive this ultra-efficient system. It works specifically to target, capture and cut particular gasses such as CO2. 

The solution is more sustainable than other energy-intensive amine solvent-based systems, which release 3.1 GI of energy for every ton of CO2 captured.

The primary motive of this technology is to create feasible carbon-intensive industries that can cut carbon at a high rate while running operations smoothly at the same time.

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Its first production has been seen in high emission industries such as biofuel, hydrogen, and concrete oil manufacturing. 

The aim is to achieve the ultimate goal of decarbonization by raising awareness on an industry level. 

MOF Technologies is now working on building an in-field pilot plant for further optimization of its prototype. 

This game-changing system called Nuada makes every other carbon capture project worth a shot for investors. It also allows industries to keep running their operations without worrying about carbon emissions.

This approach is still better than many alternatives that are still a ways behind in the race to reach net zero targets.

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