Mitsubishi Heavy To Work With Saipem On Carbon Capture Tech

Mitsubishi Heavy To Work With Saipem On Carbon Capture Tech - Carbon Herald
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Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI) announced a new partnership with European carbon capture leader Saipem. 

The partnership will help Saipem and Mitsubishi Heavy expand both companies’ carbon capture operations and presence in the industry in Europe and the Middle East. 

Under the agreement, Saipem will be provided with MHI’s proprietary technologies for use in carbon capture facilities, namely, KM CDR Process and Advanced KM CDR Process.

As one of the world’s top solutions providers for the energy and infrastructure sector, Saipem has unique expertise in engineering, construction and project management. 

The deal between both companies will combine both their strengths and allow them to boost sales of carbon capture and storage (CCS) plants in the Middle East and Europe, where the demand for such technologies is set to rise in the near future. 

Saipem’s Chief Commercial Officer, Fabrizio Botta commented on the partnership by saying: “This agreement, signed with a key partner such as Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, allows Saipem to combine its expertise and track record in designing and building Upstream, Mid-stream and Downstream facilities with the most advanced post-combustion technology for large plants.”

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Botta went on further to say that the collaboration with MHI would also allow Saipem to widen its portfolio of decarbonization solutions and solidify its standing in the sector.

For MHI, in turn, the strategic partnership will help it reach its MISSION NET ZERO goal of achieving carbon neutrality by 2040 and its ambition to decarbonize energy supply.

And part of the efforts needed to achieve these objectives is linking various emitters of carbon dioxide with infrastructure and solutions for both storage and utilization. 

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