Mitsubishi Announces New Direct Air Capture Project In Louisiana

Mitsubishi Announces A Direct Air Capture (DAC) Project In Louisiana - Carbon Herald

Mitsubishi Corporation (MC) is taking a leap forward in Direct Air Capture (DAC) technology by participating in a project located in Louisiana, USA.

This collaborative effort will see MC working alongside various third-party DAC technology companies. 

The aim is to identify cutting-edge solutions with the potential to significantly reduce costs. Through in-depth assessments and engineering work, the project seeks to accelerate the development and commercialization of DAC.

Shell US Gas & Power (Shell) plays a key role, leading the overall engineering and deployment aspects of the project.

The project’s scope encompasses a feasibility study with several key components: evaluating the effectiveness of multiple DAC technologies through demonstrations, providing support to DAC companies in designing deployments, investing in promising DAC technologies, and pinpointing opportunities to minimize the energy, water, and land resources required for carbon capture. 

Additionally, the project will define the technological requirements for future large-scale deployments.

MC is firmly committed to achieving a carbon-neutral world. This commitment extends to their long-term plan of utilizing captured CO2 as a raw material for producing synthetic fuels like e-natural gas and Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF). 

Mitsubishi also envisions expanding the DAC business on a global scale.

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In October 2021, MC outlined its roadmap towards carbon neutrality, setting a goal of becoming a net-zero greenhouse gas emitter by 2050. 

This roadmap prioritizes both maintaining a stable energy supply and facilitating a low-carbon transition.

Reaching net-zero emissions requires not only reducing greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) but also eliminating existing GHGs from the atmosphere. 

This removal process, known as Carbon Dioxide Removal (CDR), includes technologies like DAC. 

There’s a growing sense of urgency for the widespread adoption of DAC due to its innovative potential and the cost-reduction possibilities associated with scaling up the technology.

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