Mission Zero Technologies Deploys Its First DAC System Sold To The University Of Sheffield

Mission Zero Technologies Deploys Its First DAC System Sold To The University Of Sheffield - Carbon Herald
Credit: Mission Zero Technologies

Mission Zero Technologies – a direct air capture (DAC) technology developer, announced the deployment of its first commercially-financed DAC system in the UK. The system was sold to the University of Sheffield’s Translational Energy Research Centre (TERC) seven months ago in order to progress work on an end-to-end production of jet fuel made from atmospheric carbon. 

TERC aims to certify the product that can later be brought to market. The direct air capture plant will run on solar power generated on-site to recover 50 metric tons per year of high-purity CO2 from the air. MZT’s DAC technology provides a plug-and-play source of CO2 on demand that could be used for both utilization or permanent storage. The design is modular and can be integrated with load-variable renewable grids.

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According to Mission Zero Technologies, its DAC approach is inspired by the way the human body transports CO2 from the tissues to the lungs and then out from the body. The technology involves an ion-selective electrochemical separation process that continuously scrubs CO2 from the air and concentrates it as a pure gas. It also claims that its electrochemical separation of CO2 consumes 3-4x less energy than existing thermal regeneration approaches.

“We’re thrilled to be delivering our first ever DAC plant on home soil with the University of Sheffield… DAC is a multi-use technology able to drive deep industrial decarbonization and permanent carbon removal. Through pioneering partnership, we’re already realising that potential,” said MZT’s CEO, Dr Nicholas Chadwick.

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“TERC’s capabilities in processing captured carbon in order to transform it has made it an ideal location for the first DAC plant. We’re excited to work closely with MZT on this project and other world-leading activities,” also commented Professor Mohamed Pourkashanian, Managing Director of TERC.

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