Mission From MaRS: CDR Accelerator Announces The 6 Startups To Take Part In The Program

Mission From MaRS: CDR Accelerator Announces The 6 Startups To Take Part In The Program - Carbon Herald
Credit: Mission from MaRS

The Mission from MaRS: CDR Accelerator has selected 6 carbon dioxide removal and carbon utilization startups to enroll in its program. 

Mission from MaRS is a nationwide Canadian initiative and encompasses a series of programs in the country aiming to find the most effective technologies that address the climate crisis. Mission from MaRS: Carbon Management is the second in a series of initiatives that helps startups and ventures overcome the obstacles of scaling the adoption of their technologies that either reduce, capture, convert, or remove emissions.

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The CDR Accelerator is part of Mission from MaRS: Carbon Management, and seeks to rapidly accelerate the commercialization of Canada’s most effective carbon dioxide removal (CDR) technologies.

The 6 innovations that were invited to take part in the accelerator are Gaia Refinery, Planetary Technologies, Hyperion Global Energy, TerraFixing, Carbon Upcycling Technologies and CarbonRun

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“The companies we selected are a solid, diverse group from across Canada developing a broad range of high-quality carbon dioxide removal and utilization solutions… We’re doubling and tripling down our support in this important space,” said Andy Lam, senior manager of climate programs at MaRS. 

The goal of the accelerator is to find and recruit the six Canadian ventures that are actively capturing and/or utilizing atmospheric carbon dioxide to enable them to reach kiloton scale of CO2 removal within the next few years and megaton scale within the decade to address and mitigate effectively the climate crisis.

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