Minnesota Orders A Review For Summit’s Carbon Pipeline Project

Minnesota Orders A Review For Summit’s Carbon Pipeline Project - Carbon Herald
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The Minnesota Public Utilities Commission has asked Summit Carbon Solutions to provide a full environmental impact statement for the proposed carbon capture pipeline project. 

The decision has been dubbed a compromise, as the environmental impact statement will only cover a short section of the carbon pipeline of roughly 10 miles in northwest Minnesota and will not include the section intended to pass through the west-central and southern parts of the state.

As the PUC considers the permit application from Summit Carbon Solutions, this environmental review was among the first most important points before the commission. 

The pipeline project, as has been covered extensively by the Carbon Herald, is set to transport the CO2 emissions from a network of ethanol plants, running some 2,000 miles across five US states, among which are Minnesota, North and South Dakota, Nebraska, and Iowa. 

Thus far, the pipeline operator has already secured easements for roughly half of the proposed route in different states. 

However, it has yet to receive permits for the pipeline project in all of the five states.

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