Milestone Carbon To Evaluate 46,000 Acres For Carbon Capture In Louisiana

Milestone Carbon To Evaluate 46,000 Acres For Carbon Capture In Louisiana - Carbon Herald

Milestone Carbon announced earlier this week that it the company will start the review process for a potential site that can be used for carbon capture and sequestration (CCS) in the Terrebonne Parish in Louisiana.

The site could potentially be used to store hundreds of millions of tons of CO2 that has been emitted by industrial processes but prevented from reaching the atmosphere.

The focus for Milestone Carbon will be the evaluation of several Class VI injection wells, that could be used for storing the emissions from multiple industrial plants in the southeastern corner of the state. The company shared that currently there are over 35 million tonnes of CO2 emissions annually generated by industry in the region.

“Louisiana has many of the critical elements for successful carbon capture projects, including great geology, strong policy support, and significant industrial emissions,” said Milestone Carbon Senior Vice President Chris Davis. “We are pleased to work with the landowners leveraging Milestone’s experience in sequestration site development, to accelerate CCS growth in Louisiana.”

This location could be added to other Milestone Carbon projects that now span several regions. The company has been busy developing sites in the Permian, Rockies, and Gulf Coast states.

Class VI wells in the country have been a focal point of discussion lately, as the EPA has been accused of working too slowly on their approval for CO2 storage. Multiple states have requested the rights to deciding the wells’ fate when it comes to carbon sequestration.

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