Microsoft And Neustark Ink New Carbon Removal Purchase Deal

Microsoft And Neustark Ink New Carbon Removal Deal - Carbon Herald
Credit: Neustark

Switzerland-based carbon removal developer neustark has entered a long-term partnership with Microsoft, agreeing to provide them with 27,600 tons of high-quality, long-lasting carbon dioxide removal (CDR) over a period of six years. 

This collaboration between Microsoft and neustark reaffirms the technology giant’s prominent position in the field of carbon removal as they strive to become CO2 negative by 2030.

By creating and implementing efficient methods to remove carbon on a large scale, neustark is on a mission to assist in reducing the effects of climate change and achieving the target of net-zero emissions by 2050 set by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.  

Their novel approach utilizes concrete and other mineral waste from demolished structures to serve as permanent storage for extracted CO2 through a technique called mineralization. 

Collaborating with a network of operational plants, the company collects biogenic CO2, which is then liquified and transported to construction waste recycling sites, where, in the recycling process, it gets injected into granules of demolished concrete.

Neustark’s innovative technology initiates a rapid mineralization process that permanently links the CO2 to the pores and surface of the granules. These carbonated granules can then be employed by recyclers for constructing roads or producing recycled concrete. 

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The mineralization process employed by neustark effectively stores the CO2 that is gathered for an extensive period of time, potentially lasting hundreds of thousands of years, with minimal possibility of reversal. As a result, their carbon removal technology can be measured and authenticated, hence earning recognition from the Gold Standard.

Microsoft and neustark joined forces back in 2022 with the aim of finding new solutions to tackle the urgent issue of climate deterioration, and the success of their initial partnership has prompted both companies to further deepen their collaboration.

The new agreement, set to extend over a period of six years, will enable the two companies to significantly scale up their efforts in carbon capture and storage.

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