Microsoft and McKinsey Partner On Integrated Decarbonization Solution

Microsoft and McKinsey Partner on Integrated Decarbonization Solution - Carbon Herald
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Microsoft and McKinsey have joined forces to launch an integrated decarbonization solution that uses data intelligence from Microsoft Sustainability Manager together with McKinsey’s Catalyst Zero execution engine. The tech collaboration will allow companies to use integrated data on their emissions-inducing activities and create a detailed decarbonization plan. 

The solution will apply the Sustainability Manager to automate and scale companies’ sustainability data and set an emissions baseline. The joint project, which includes tens of thousands of decarbonization factors across more than 70 industry sectors, will allow for a comprehensive understanding of emissions at a company, product, and value chain level and will provide a proprietary library of decarbonization levers.

The data feed between Microsoft’s and McKinsey’s solutions will help leaders monitor the decarbonization plan and offer transparency to stakeholders. 

“We are focused on accelerating progress to achieve a more sustainable future,” said Elisabeth Brinton, Microsoft Corporate Vice President for Sustainability. “Our collaboration with McKinsey, to deliver innovative Cloud for Sustainability solutions will help customers unify their data intelligence, build robust IT infrastructure, and gain insights into their overall carbon footprint in order to help them develop and execute robust decarbonization strategies to achieve their sustainability goals.” 

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“Urgent and decisive action to curtail emissions is needed if we are to reach net zero by 2050,” said Tomas Nauclér, senior partner at McKinsey and global co-leader of McKinsey Sustainability. “By combining our tech and sustainability expertise and experience, Microsoft and McKinsey will help businesses accurately and swiftly measure and reduce their overall carbon footprint.”

Multinational technology corporation Microsoft introduced its Cloud for Sustainability for general availability earlier this year to offer a bundle of digital solutions that help companies speed up their sustainability process and record, report, and reduce their environmental impact. 

McKinsey’s Catalyst Zero is an integrated decarbonization solution that helps businesses remove CO2 from their operations. The project is part of the McKinsey Sustainability initiative that the global management consulting firm introduced in 2020. 

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