Microsoft And Inherit Carbon Solutions Strike A Deal For CO2 Removal

Microsoft And Inherit Carbon Solutions Strike A Deal For CO2 Removal - Carbon Herald

Inherit Carbon Solutions, a leader in long-term carbon capture solutions, has announced a major CO2 removal agreement with tech giant Microsoft. The agreement will see Inherit provide Microsoft with carbon removal services, helping the company offset its harmful emissions and work towards its sustainability goals.

Inherit Carbon Solutions utilizes waste water and food waste to effectively remove carbon, offering a sustainable solution that not only tackles carbon emissions but also supports responsible waste management.

The company collaborates with renewable natural gas (RNG) facilities that not only process organic waste but also produce renewable energy.

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Inherit announced the news and added that this deal represents a significant achievement for the company and their efforts to minimize CO2 in the atmosphere. They also view this agreement as a recognition of the significance of permanent carbon removal from biomethane while also promoting the responsible handling of waste.

By working together, both companies are taking a proactive approach to addressing the pressing issue of carbon emissions, setting a benchmark for other industry leaders to follow suit.

In a recent statement, Inherit’s CEO and co-founder, Mike Carpenter, expressed his excitement and honor to collaborate with a renowned global leader in technology and sustainability.

He commented: “This agreement validates the importance of our permanent carbon removal solution and highlights the collective responsibility we share in addressing the urgent challenges of climate change.”

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The agreement also highlights Microsoft’s dedication to sustainability and demonstrates how innovative solutions can lead to a more environmentally friendly world.

On behalf of the company, Brian Marrs, Senior Director of Energy & Carbon Removal, shared: “We are excited to work with Inherit towards our sustainability goals and make impactful contributions to global climate efforts.”

The collaboration with Microsoft will further enhance Inherit Carbon Solutions’ capabilities and reach in the field of carbon removal. The agreement signals a shared vision between the two companies to combat climate change and pave the way for a cleaner, greener world.

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