Microseismic Receives Second DoE Grant For Carbon Storage Monitoring

Microseismic Receives Second DoE Grant For Carbon Storage Monitoring - Carbon Herald

Microseismic Inc. (MSI) is set to receive $199,721 in DOE grants that total over $16 million for 77 small businesses in 25 states to support science-based energy innovation and clean energy development.

The MicroSeismic DOE project will focus on a turnkey service that will create an electromagnetic monitoring network that can be used during carbon storage/injection operations. The new MicroSeismic CSEM monitoring service, dubbed CO2SeQure, will help ensure the safe operation of industrial-scale CO2 storage facilities.

Dr. Peter M. Duncan, CEO & Founder of MicroSeismic said: “Safe and efficient geologic sequestration of CO2 requires monitoring and validation during injection to ensure the integrity of the storage formation and caprock. It is important to safely and efficiently monitor and measure the extent of the CO2 plume so that injection rates can be controlled to prevent leakage from the geological reservoir. With this grant, we will continue developing a turnkey monitoring service using electromagnetic methods that will ensure the safe and efficient operation of industrial-scale CO2 storage facilities.”

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This is the second grant MicroSeismic Inc. has received from the US Department of Energy, and the company is set for continued growth, as it directs its extensive geophysical expertise to support the Net Zero initiative.

The first grant the company received in 2022 covers modeling, design, and planning for the installation and operation of the passive seismic monitoring service, and this grant is a strong complementary technology to that service.

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