Messer Introduces Innovative CO2 Capture Service ZeCarb

Messer Introduces Innovative CO2 Capture Service ZeCarb - Carbon Herald

Messer, a leading manufacturer of specialty gases, recently revealed the expansion of their range of services with a new carbon capture solution called ZeCarb. 

Although the company has primarily focused on serving the worldwide market for industrial, medical, and specialty gases, they are launching this new service in response to the growing demand from businesses seeking a solution to reduce emissions from industrial operations.

Messer shared that they now offer businesses and local governments a cost-effective solution to meet their CO2 reduction goals and environmental obligations. Their new service, ZeCarb, is designed to encompass the complete CCUS value chain in one place.

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The technology behind Messer’s solution relies on capturing greenhouse gas emissions before they are released into the air. The emissions can originate from a variety of sectors, including steel, cement, glass, paper, or chemical manufacturing, as well as from fossil fuel power plants.

The collected CO2 is then utilized in various applications to reduce the dependence on fossil fuels, such as in the production of synthetic fuels like eFuels or sustainable aviation fuel (SAF).

Alternatively, the captured CO2 can be permanently stored underground in geological formations like depleted oil and gas fields that have held a mixture of natural gas, nitrogen, and CO2 for millions of years.

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The company’s proven track record in carbon recovery enables it to efficiently implement and scale up this solution, making a significant impact on sustainability efforts. 

Dr. Tarek El Hawary, the Chief Technology Officer at Messer, highlighted the company’s edge in operating globally with a network of partners, with the company having established operations across Asia, Europe, and America. 

He stated that this allows them to provide customers with comprehensive solutions covering all aspects of the carbon capture, utilization, and storage (CCUS) value chain. He also pointed out the significance of the ZeCarb service, which enables Messer to utilize their successful CO2 recovery technology within the framework of CCUS operations.

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