Messer, BASF To Partner On CO2 Recovery

Messer, BASF To Partner On CO2 Recovery - Carbon Herald

German privately held industrial gases producer Messer plans to set up a carbon dioxide (CO2) recovery plant using the OASE® blue technology by global chemicals group BASF (ETR: BAS) to recover CO2 from flue gas.

The facility, which will be built at an undisclosed located in Austria, is due to start up in early 2024, according to a joint statement.

The new plant is expected to help increase supply reliability for Messer’s existing customers in western Austria, South Tyrol, eastern Switzerland, and Bavaria.

In the future, the company expects to implement shorter routes to provide them with liquid CO2 by tank truck.

The recovered CO2 will be refined up to food-grade quality and will help meet demand in the food industry, which has so far used CO2 obtained as a by-product from ammonia production.

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Messer will work to make the flue gas used for the CO2 recovery available for reuse with the help of its recovery and purification processes.

“Our plant and equipment construction expertise in combination with the OASE blue technology enables Messer to build and operate energy efficient, economical production facilities that recycle CO2,” Dr. Tarek El Hawary, Chief Technology Officer at the gases producer, said in a comment.

Andreas Northemann, head of global gas treatment activities at BASF, added: “BASF’s OASE blue technology provides Messer with a reliable CO2 removal process with low energy demand.”

BASF’s OASE blue was initially developed as an optimized carbon capture technology, which is used to capture carbon from flue gas coming from various sources, including fossil fuel power plants, waste incinerators, steam reformers, and cement production.

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