Meet Raise Green – The First Climate Crowdfunding Investment Portal

Meet Raise Green – The First Climate Crowdfunding Investment Portal - Carbon Herald

Fintech platform Raise Green is broadening the scope of investment possibilities in climate projects by bringing crowdfunding to the table. 

The unique portal provides individuals and organizations with the opportunity to invest in companies and projects geared towards mitigating the climate crisis – for as little as only $100. 

Not only does the initiative enable regular people and smaller businesses to actively participate in tackling climate change, it also ensures that such projects can enjoy more varied investment options. 

The Raise Green platform has a very straightforward design, is simple to use and features detailed information about each of the projects that can be funded through it.

Users can learn about the project or company background, its mission and technicals, as well as everything that relates to the financial constituent, including the minimum investment amount, interest rate, projections, and more. 

On the other hand, anyone can choose to have their clean energy or other sustainability project listed on the platform to attract funding. 

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Raise Green offers flexibility where financing options are concerned and makes the registration process easier by providing ready-to-use legal templates and thorough compliance review. 

Free consultation is provided as a first step to having your green energy or climate tech project listed on the platform

And depending on how quickly the project or company can be listed, Raise Green charges a 5% or 6% success fee on the total raised funds, while emphasizing on the fact that it does not charge anything unless money has indeed been collected for the project. 

Finally, the Raise Green crowdfunding portal also pitches in with every project it lists in exchange for a small percentage of the securities sold in each offering.

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