Meadow Lake Tribal Council And Carbon Alpha Partner On Carbon Capture In Canada

Meadow Lake Tribal Council And Carbon Alpha Partner On Carbon Capture In Canada - Carbon Herald

Carbon removal project developer Carbon Alpha is partnering with the Meadow Lake Tribal Council (MLTC) on a carbon capture project in Canada. 

The project called the North Star Project will be located near Meadow Lake, Saskatchewan, and is expected to create as many as 125 construction jobs, as well as 12 permanent jobs, once the project is complete. 

The North Star Project is a bioenergy center that will create renewable electricity and will be powered exclusively by waste biomass from MLTC‘s integrated sawmill and sustainably managed forestry operations.

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The resulting CO2 emissions from burning the biomass will be captured by Carbon Alpha before they can enter the atmosphere and will be injected deep underground for permanent storage, subsequently generating high-quality carbon credits.

Namely, once the North Star project is operational, it will generate roughly 70,000 carbon credits per year, making it the largest project of its kind in Canada. 

Carbon Alpha and MLTC have secured pore space and have already started preliminary front-end engineering.

A final investment decision is expected to be reached in mid-2025, and North Star is set to become operational around the middle of 2027. 

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Tribal Chief Richard Ben of the MLTC said: “The Meadow Lake Tribal Council is on a journey to increase participation in the Saskatchewan economy for our 9 First Nations, including green energy infrastructure development, climate change mitigation, improving environmental outcomes and supporting our local forestry-based economy in the Meadow Lake area.”

“The North Star Project represents added value to our existing facilities and focuses on the newest renewable prospects for our region, carbon dioxide removal. We, along with our partners Carbon Alpha, are completely aligned with the National and Provincial Growth Plans and this opportunity makes good sense. It enables the MLTC First Nations to create ongoing economic development, jobs, contracting opportunity and optimism for our people.”

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