MCi Carbon Holds A Foundation Ceremony For Its First Pilot Plant

MCi Carbon Holds A Foundation Ceremony For Its First Pilot Plant - Carbon Herald

MCi Carbon – an Australian-based carbon capture and utilization company, announced a major milestone for its first pilot plant. MCi Carbon will hold a foundation ceremony on April 10th for its carbon capture and utilization (CCU) pilot ‘Myrtle’, currently under construction. 

The company develops a technology that captures emissions and sequesters them into building products and other valuable materials, a process called mineral carbonation. Back in 2021, MCi received a $14.6 million grant from the Australian government for the company’s demonstration project to capture emissions and transform them into products.  

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The project will source CO2 directly from an ammonia manufacturing facility of Orica – a leading mining and infrastructure business. It will capture around 1,000 tonnes of the greenhouse gas annually. Orica has also supported the project by providing land, access to utilities, and significant technical expertise.

According to Orica’s Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer Sanjeev Gandhi, the innovative project, which is expected to be operational by 2025, aligns with the company’s sustainability and commercial goals.

“The energy transition requires careful planning and policy coordination between governments, regulators, energy suppliers, consumers, and the broader private sector. This ceremony today is a great example of business and government working together to drive innovation for a better tomorrow, as we transition towards a lower carbon future, together,” commented Mr Gandhi. 

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MCi’s Carbon goal is to make carbon dioxide a commodity and has a mission to lock away 1 billion metric tons of CO2 by 2040. The company has been developing its technology since 2012.

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