MCi Carbon Announces New CO2 Capture & Utilization Plant In Austria

MCi Carbon Announces New CO2 Capture & Utilization Plant In Austria - Carbon Herald

Australian cleantech platform MCi Carbon has announced its first industrial large-scale carbon capture and utilization (CCU) plant in Austria.

The plant will be built in partnership with one of the world’s leading suppliers of refractory products, RHI Magnesita

MCi Carbon captures planet-warming carbon dioxide emissions, which it then converts into useful building materials and products with the intention of contributing to a global circular carbon economy. 

The company has set out to capture a staggering 1 billion metric tons of CO2 by 2040, and the partnership with RHI Magnesita marks a significant milestone on the way to achieving that goal. 

In addition to funding the scale-up and commercialization of its CCU technology, the  multi-million-dollar investment from RHI Magnesita will also help MCi complete its CCU plant ‘Myrtle’ in Newcastle, Australia.

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Hence, the agreement between RHI Magnesita and MCi Carbon can also be regarded as a partnership between Austria and Australia in the decarbonization process of hard-to-abate sectors. 

Once the new CCU plant becomes operational in 2028, as planned, it will be able to capture some 50,000 metric tons of CO2 annually, while also creating carbon-negative products of value.

Marcus Dawe, founder and CEO of MCi Carbon, said: “This investment marks a pivotal moment for MCi Carbon and underscores the trust our partners place in our transformative technology. With RHI Magnesita’s support, we are poised to accelerate our global commercialization efforts and address the challenges faced by heavy industries in achieving decarbonization.”

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