MCi Carbon And RHI Magnesita Partner To Decarbonize Refractories

MCi Carbon And RHI Magnesita Partner To Decarbonize Refractories - Carbon Herald
RHI Magnesita CEO Stefan Borgas, left, Marcus Dawe, co-founder and CEO MCi Carbon. Source:

MCi Carbon, a company using mineral carbonation to reduce emissions in hard-to-abate industries, and RHI Magnesita have announced a strategic partnership to decarbonize emission-intensive parts of the latter’s operations.

RHI Magnesita is a leading manufacturer of refractory materials, utilized in all high-temperature industrial processes. They become MCi’s first global commercial customer and will aim to reduce their Scope 1 emissions with the new tech.

The mineral carbonation process can produce a range of low-carbon embodied materials, that include calcium and magnesium carbonate, by carbonating minerals within by-products of industrial processes.

“MCi Carbon and RHI Magnesita have formed a values-led collaboration to accelerate the scaling of MCi’s ‘Circular Carbon Platform’”, says MCi Carbon co-founder and CEO Marcus Dawe. “After a year of successful pilot studies, RHI Magnesita will be MCi’s first commercial customer and a shareholder, helping advance the technology and decarbonise the global refractories industry.”

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RHI Magnesita’s CEO Stefan Borgas commented by saying: “This partnership could become a breakthrough towards decarbonising the industry. It fits seamlessly with RHI Magnesita’s ambitious sustainability strategy.”

The two companies have been working together for several years and approached the issue of emissions from two angles. One is the abatement of CO2 emissions in existing processes and the other is the production of the aforementioned magnesium carbonate with less emission. It appears the latter has achieved a level of commercial viability and will now be used in some of RHI Magnesita’s refractory production plants.

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