MaxMine Carbon Is A New Software Cutting Mining Emissions

MaxMine Carbon Is A New Technology Cutting Mining Emissions - Carbon Herald

MaxMine announced the official launch of MaxMine Carbon – a technology that enables mining operators to reduce their carbon emissions by more than 10% for no additional or limited capital expenditure. 

MaxMine is an Australian company providing next-generation services to the mining industry. It captures, processes and analyses vast amounts of data in order to deliver significant productivity gains and improved performance to open-pit mining operations.

Its new service – MaxMine Carbon is a mining productivity tool, assessing vast amounts of data, and then translating it into pragmatic solutions for clients which deliver significant carbon emissions reductions and productivity gains, specifically in load and haul operations.

The MaxMine Carbon platform harnesses cutting-edge automation and advanced data analytics. According to the company, it captures up to 10,000 times more data at open-pit mining operations, relative to the industry standard fleet management system products.

An average minimum carbon emissions reduction of 10% was achieved while utilizing the technology within one month. That is estimated to be equivalent to replacing more than four trucks in a fleet of 40 with zero-emissions vehicles for zero capital expenditure. 

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It also helps clients achieve additional production output while using the same resources, which translates into cost savings and efficiencies for the mine site operators. According to the company, the technology is expected to pay for itself in just 12 weeks from fuel savings alone.

The mining industry is responsible for 1.9 – 5.1 gigatons of CO2 equivalent emissions annually. The majority of those greenhouse gases originate from fugitive coal-bed methane that is released during coal mining. New technologies addressing mining emissions are critical in reducing the overall heavy load on the environment from human activities.

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