Mati Carbon Delivers Its First Carbon Removals To Frontier

Mati Carbon Delivers Its First Carbon Removals To Frontier - Carbon Herald

Mati Carbon – a carbon removal startup utilizing the power of rocks to speed up the carbon dioxide uptake from the atmosphere, announced the successful delivery of its first carbon removal tons. The delivery is made to a group of buyers facilitated by Frontier – the advanced market commitment from corporations to buy an initial $1 billion of permanent carbon removals between 2022 and 2030.

The delivery is for 50 tons of CDR via enhanced rock weathering – a process that aims to accelerate the natural weathering by spreading finely ground silicate rock on agricultural land. The pre-purchase was initiated in 2022.

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Mati Carbon, founded in 2021, is deploying basalt rock dust in Indian rice paddies to improve crop productivity, emissions reductions and earnings for smallholder farmers. It has developed a robust scientific Monitoring, Reporting, and Verification (MRV) technology, in collaboration with Yale University’s Center for Natural Carbon Capture, University of Sheffield’s Leverhulme Centre for Climate Change Mitigation, and other research partners. 

The company is emphasizing on improving MRV in order to deliver reliable and scalable CDR. Mati’s Chief Science Officer (CSO) Dr Jake Jordan in collaboration with other scientists, published a recent study validating the use of the company’s MRV methods. 

“Our research program and collaborators work to make CDR more reliable by improving Monitoring, Reporting and Verification (MRV) techniques. By charting a pathway to cheaper, yet more reliable MRV, we can build a future where ERW works in the Global South to benefit the people who actually live there,” said Mati Carbon’s CSO, Jake Jordan.

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Mati, founded by serial climatetech entrepreneur Shantanu Agrawal, is part of the Swaniti Initiative, a non-profit with offices in the US and India that supports elected representatives to ensure public service delivery and policy reforms in the sectors of energy and economic transition, and climate and equity. 

Mati Carbon has also recently published a study with collaborators to demonstrate the significant agronomic benefits for crops from enhanced rock weathering.

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