MASH Makes And Supercritical Partner On 10,000 Tons Of Carbon Removal

MASH Makes And Supercritical Partner On 10,000 Tons Of Carbon Removal - Caron Herald
Source: MASH Makes

MASH Makes has partnered with the UK-based Carbon Dioxide Removal (CDR) marketplace Supercritical. Supercritical has pre-paid for 10,000 metric tons of biochar-based carbon removal, which MASH will start delivering next year from its two pyrolysis-based projects in India.

“Supercritical is currently one the world’s leading CDR marketplaces and provider of carbon management services,” said Jakob Andersen, CEO of MASH Makes. “They understand that CDR projects require a substantial upfront investment in technology, research, and implementation.” The pre-purchase of CDR provides an immediate and reliable source of capital, that would allow MASH to speed up the development of their model and further scale their carbon removal, Andersen also said. 

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MASH Makes aims to deliver over five Special Purpose Vehicles (SPVs) online by the end of next year, producing over 70,000 tons of CO2 removals when operating at full operational capacity – with inventory selling fast.

Supercritical’s aim is to remove 500 million tons of CO2 from the atmosphere, said Michelle You, CEO of Supercritical. Through offering established carbon removals and simultaneously investing in the exploration of new methods, MASH Makes is driving a 14,000-fold increase in carbon removal, You also said. 

An all-in-one climate platform, Supercritical allows companies to obtain precise carbon footprints, develop robust climate plans, and acquire carbon removals from their marketplace. Supercritical facilitates the connection between providers of carbon removal solutions and purchasers through their marketplace. When necessary, Supercritical pre-purchases removals to provide funding to suppliers. 

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