Manchester Aiport To Build Direct Hydrogen Supply With HyNet Cluster

Manchester Aiport To Build Direct Hydrogen Supply With HyNet Cluster - Carbon Herald
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Hydrogen is increasing supply in the UK, setting the beginning of its widespread adoption across industrial site. Manchester Airport is connecting with direct hydrogen supply, becoming the first UK airport with a direct link to low carbon hydrogen fuel.

The airport signed a memorandum of understanding with HyNet North West– one of the UK’s industrial decarbonization clusters located in the North West. The airport would be connected with a direct hydrogen fuel pipeline with demand estimated to come around 6.5 million litres a day by 2050.

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The two partners will work together to assess the future demand for hydrogen for aviation. The agreement places Manchester Airport as the first one to establish a direct hydrogen pipeline. It will supply its more than 60 airlines with sustainable fuel “at the earliest opportunity.” 

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“This announcement demonstrates the meaningful action we are taking to ensure we can deliver a carbon-free future for the aviation industry,” said Chris Woodroofe, Managing Director of Manchester Airport.

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Increasing hydrogen supply across the country is critical for the widespread adoption of the low-emissions fuel. Clean hydrogen is considered one of the replacements of fossil fuels holding the highest promise and potential to make significant impact in a net zero world.

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