Lufthansa And Airbus Team Up For CO2 Removal

Lufthansa And Airbus Team Up For CO2 Reduction - Carbon Herald

Lufthansa and Airbus have taken a significant step in the fight against climate change by signing a cooperation contract for the pre-purchase of verified and durable carbon removal credits.

Under this partnership, Airbus will issue the carbon removal credits through its Airbus Carbon Capture Offer (ACCO) service. The agreement includes an annual purchase of 10,000 tons of CO2 credits for four years, starting in 2026.

The signing of the contract comes after a joint declaration of intent was signed back in 2022, demonstrating a strong commitment from both companies to tackle the environmental impact of air travel.

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The initiative is based on Airbus’ collaboration with 1PointFive, a company specializing in direct air capture technology for carbon removal. In a momentous move towards sustainability, Airbus has committed to pre-purchasing 100,000 tonnes of carbon removals per year from 1PointFive for the next four years, totaling 400,000 tonnes, as part of an initial offtake.

This effort aims to reduce the environmental impact of aviation, making air travel more sustainable and eco-friendly. Lufthansa is one of several airlines that have shown interest in collaborating with Airbus in this area.

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The partnership will rely on Direct Air Carbon Capture and Storage (DACCS) technology. This method involves the use of high-powered fans to filter CO2 emissions directly from the air. Once the CO2 is removed, it is then stored deep underground in geologic saline formations.

Lufthansa Group has expressed its dedication to adopting greener practices, stating that it sees DACCS as a complementary instrument in its overall strategy for reducing CO2 emissions. The airline has been actively exploring this innovative process for many years and is now taking concrete steps towards its implementation.

This partnership with Airbus comes as part of Lufthansa Group’s mission to set ambitious climate protection goals and achieve a neutral CO2 balance by 2050. By 2030, the Group aims to halve its net CO2 emissions compared to 2019 through a combination of reduction and compensation measures.

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