Loamist Locks In $1M Pre-Seed Funding And Launches Innovative Biomass Explorer

Loamist Locks In $1M Pre-Seed Funding And Launches Innovative Biomass Explorer - Carbon Herald

Loamist, a forward-thinking startup in the climate technology industry, has achieved a significant milestone by obtaining $1 million in pre-seed funding for the launch of its cutting-edge, proprietary technology, Biomass Explorer. The company is thrilled to unveil its revolutionary solution to the public as it transitions out of stealth mode, with the goal of revolutionizing the bioeconomy.

Their $1 million pre-seed funding round was effectively completed with support from prominent climate organizations such as Third Sphere, VoLo Earth, and WovenEarth.

On a global scale, 2 billion metric tons of biomass residues from forestry and agriculture are burned in piles, contributing to 18% of global CO2 emissions.

By avoiding pile burning and landfilling, unused biomass can have a more positive carbon footprint than other carbon sources and can be used to reduce carbon emissions in challenging industries related to sourcing materials, chemicals, and fuels.

The Biomass Explorer tool by Loamist tackles the pressing issue of accessing biomass. This novel solution could have a game-changing effect on the renewable energy industry. By providing real-time mapping and detailed data visualization, it offers a user-friendly way to find and assess biomass resources.

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The tool has the potential to revolutionize the development of climate-friendly technology projects by significantly reducing the time and cost of assessing supply chain risk. With the Biomass Explorer by Loamist, companies and organizations can quickly and efficiently identify and evaluate biomass resources, allowing them to make more informed decisions about their renewable energy projects.

The growing concern over climate change and environmental decline highlights the need to find creative methods to reuse waste materials. As their response to this serious global issue, Loamist has set the ambitious goal of utilizing 100 million tons of waste biomass by 2030.

The company’s strategy is centered around transparency, aiming to provide clear and reliable information to their partners and customers. By aligning with and enabling climate tech companies, Loamist is paving the way for faster advancement in the industry.

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