Loam Bio Brings Its Carbon Farming Solutions To The US

Loam Bio Brings Its Carbon Farming Solutions To The US - Carbon Herald

Australian soil carbon specialist Loam Bio has announced its entry to the US market, bringing with it a set of unique solutions for American farmers. 

The company has developed a unique microbial technology, called CarbonBuilder, which enhances the amount of stable carbon found in the soil.

This technology can allow farmers to start generating and selling carbon credits via Loam Bio’s very own carbon program SecondCrop. 

One substantial difference between the Australian firm’s approach to soil organic carbon and the application of conventional regenerative farming practices is the absence of the initial risk, which lies in a sudden practice change.

Loam offers farmers in the US options to increase and measure the amount of soil carbon on their properties and create value for their businesses, while also contributing to the mitigation of climate change. 

Kevin Hodges, Senior Vice President of Commercial Operations at Loam Bio said: “Loam Bio has created a solution that pairs our novel microbial technology to build soil carbon at scale with the ability to earn a higher return from premium carbon credits.”

Another benefit of Loam’s CarbonBuilder technology is that it speeds up the ability of crops to build stable soil carbon, and farmers can reap the results as early as year one.

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