Lithos Carbon Wins General Excellence Award For Its CO2 Removal Solution

Lithos Carbon Wins General Excellence Award For Its CO2 Removal Solution - Carbon Herald
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The progressive business media brand Fast Company has announced enhanced rock weathering startup Lithos Carbon as this year’s winner of the General Excellence Award, part of their annual World Changing Ideas initiative.

The initiative honors and showcases ingenious solution products for the paramount contemporary issues in the fields of climate change, education, technology, nature, politics, urban design, corporate social policies, and more. 

Its mission is to empower clever ideas and help them reach bigger audiences, inspiring more people to join and work on impactful projects.

Out of 2200 entries received from all over the world, this year’s awards highlight 45 winners, 216 finalists, and 300+ honorable mentions across different disciplines. 

The big Excellence Award was given to Lithos Carbon, along with finalist recognition in the Climate category and honorable mentions in the Agriculture and North America categories.

Founded in 2022, Lithos Carbon produces a revolutionary carbon removal solution based on enhanced rock weathering technology. 

The startup uses premium American organic soil basalt to collect CO2 emissions by spreading the basalt over crop fields, where it reacts with rainwater and converts the captured carbon emissions into dissolved bicarbonate.

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With future rainfall, the dissolved bicarbonate will reach the ocean via a network of rivers and streams, where the captured emissions will be stored permanently. 

Besides filtering the air, this natural process also nurtures the soil with micro- and macronutrients, reducing the need for artificial fertilizers.

Fast Company has recognized Lithos Carbon’s potential before by including the startup in their 2023 World’s Most Innovative Companies list, along with big-name companies like SpaceX, NASA, and Disney. 

The high interest in Lithos Carbon is justified, considering the effect their product could have in the battle against climate change, with their setups promising to sequester 20,000 tonnes of emissions by the end of 2023.

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