Lithos Carbon Announces 3,000 Ton Carbon Removal Purchase

Lithos Carbon Announces 3,000 Tons Of Carbon Removal Purchase - Carbon Herald
Credit: Carbonx Climate

Two companies are accelerating carbon dioxide removal (CDR) purchases with a recent transaction announcement. Lithos Carbon – an agricultural carbon removal company developing an enhanced rock weathering solution and Carbonx Climate – a carbon credits procurement and management partner, assisting clients in achieving their net zero goals, announced a purchase of 3,000 tons of carbon removal on behalf of Carbonx’ partners. 

The enhanced rock weathering purchase solidifies the two companies’ ongoing partnership and serves as a significant boost for the niche CDR solution. 

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“Together with Carbonx, we are driving the growth of high-quality, empirically measured carbon removal. This purchase supports scaling verifiable, additional, and permanent carbon removal while empowering farmers to lead the way on decarbonization,” said Jonny Lu, Head of Carbon Strategy. 

Lithos Carbon is a company founded in 2022 by two professors at Yale University and Georgia Tech to accelerate the natural process of rocks capturing CO2 from the air, called enhanced rock weathering. 

The company uses crushed basalt from quarries and applies it to croplands. The basalt then reacts with rainwater to form bicarbonates with the CO2 from the atmosphere dissolved in the rainwater. The bicarbonates ultimately make their way to the ocean where they store the CO2 in them permanently for millennia.

“Lithos Carbon has been at the forefront of scientific research in the Enhanced Rock Weathering space and is helping the market setting new standards for high integrity removal. Carbonx is excited about the beginning of this partnership, catalyzing the development of additional research and paving the way for large-scale impact,” said Thomas Bellec, Head of Carbon Solutions. 

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At Carbonx Climate, also founded in 2022, assists companies with pre-purchase agreements from high impact carbon removal projects. The company’s portfolio of projects it works with include a diverse spectrum of removal pathways like direct air capture (DAC), enhanced rock weathering, marine CDR and bio-based solutions BECCS and biochar.

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