Linkedin: Green Jobs Will Soon Outnumber Oil & Gas

Linkedin: Green Jobs Will Soon Outnumber Oil & Gas - Carbon Herald
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Linkedin’s recently published Global Green Skills Report 2022 offers an overview of the major trends in green jobs and provides new data to support policymakers, governments, and business leaders during the transition to a green economy. The 60-page document also includes country and sector trends and an action plan for key audiences. 

According to Linkedin’s findings, the share of green talent in the workforce increased at a growth rate of 38.5% – from 9.6% in 2015 to 13.3% in 2022. Additionally, about 10% of job postings on the platform explicitly required at least one green skill.

“Jobs are a critical part of the conversation about achieving this green transition,” wrote Linkedin’s CEO Ryan Roslansky. “And rightly so. We expect to see millions of new jobs created globally in the next decade driven by new climate policies and commitments.”  

Over the last five years, the number of Renewables & Environment jobs in the U.S. went up by 237%, while Oil & Gas jobs increased by 19%, he said, estimating that at this pace, the Renewables & Environment sector will outnumber Oil & Gas in total jobs on Linkedin by 2023.

The report saw five major trends in green jobs in 2022. 

Trend 1: Demand for green talent will soon outpace supply. While Linkedin saw an increase of 8% in job postings requiring green skills annually over the past five years, the share of green talent has grown by roughly 6% annually during the same period. 

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Trend 2: Hiring of green talent is moving faster than overall hiring. In 2019, green workers were hired at a higher rate than non-green workers on a global scale. The pandemic speeded up this trend, meaning that green talent has been relatively more resilient to an economic downturn than non-green talent. 

Trend 3: There’s currently a good balance in the supply and demand of green skills. Half of the top 10 in-demand green skills match the most popular skills among the green workforce, such as Sustainability, Renewable Energy, Environmental Awareness, Environment, Health and Safety, and Corporate Social Responsibility.

Trend 4: The fastest-growing green skills are both mainstream and emerging. According to the report, some of the fastest-growing green skills across all sectors were not necessarily in-demand skills, but suggest the emergence of new trends such as Sustainable Fashion, Oil Spill Response, and Sustainable Business Strategies. 

Trend 5: While workers are increasingly acquiring green skills, the volume of transitions into green and greening roles is still too low to bring transformative impact.

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