Linde Will Invest $1.8B To Supply OCI With Clean Hydrogen

Linde Will Invest $1.8B To Supply OCI With Clean Hydrogen - Carbon Herald
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The world’s leading industrial gasses company Linde announced it will be investing $1.8 billion to supply OCI with clean hydrogen. 

Last year, OCI began construction of a major blue ammonia plant in the state of Texas, which is where Linde plans to supply the clean hydrogen. 

The U.S.-German giant intends to do so by capturing over 1.7 million metric tons of CO2 per annum, once the plant becomes operational in 2025. 

Linde signed similar deals with BASF and Airbus in 2022, which serves as a clear sign of the company’s optimal position to enable the shift to a low-carbon economy. 

As part of the most recent partnership with OCI, Linde will construct, own and operate the carbon capture and separation facility at the OCI plant in Texas, which will result in the production of low-carbon hydrogen. 

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