Linde Signs Agreement With Exxon For CO2 Transport And Storage 

Linde Signs Agreement with Exxon for CO2 Transport And Storage - Carbon Herald
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    Linde announced on Apr. 4 that it has signed an agreement with Exxon for the transport and permanent storage of CO2 from Linde’s upcoming clean hydrogen facility in Beaumont, Texas.

    Earlier this year, Linde announced it will build, own, and operate a facility that will supply clean hydrogen and nitrogen to a new global-scale blue ammonia site owned by OCI Global. The industrial gasses company will invest $1.8 billion to supply OCI with clean hydrogen. 

    The launch of Linde’s new production site is expected for 2025 and will be part of the company’s U.S. Gulf Coast industrial gas infrastructure. It will provide clean hydrogen to other new and existing companies as well. 

    As part of the agreement, Exxon will transport and permanently store as much as 2.2 million metric tons of CO2 annually from Linde’s hydrogen production site, or the equivalent of close to half a million vehicles yearly. 

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    “Clean hydrogen is a key enabler of industry’s transition to a low-carbon economy,” said Dan Yankowski, Linde’s Senior Vice President Americas. “Working with ExxonMobil as the carbon dioxide off-taker at our Beaumont project supports Linde’s strategy to decarbonize customer processes while safely and reliably supplying low-carbon hydrogen at scale.”

    About Linde

    Linde is an international industrial gases and engineering company that serves clients coming from industries such as chemicals and energy, food and beverage, metals and mining, and manufacturing, among others. 

    About Exxon 

    ExxonMobil Corporation (Exxon) is a U.S. multinational oil and gas company with headquarters in Spring, Texas, United States.

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