Linde Initiates Clean Hydrogen, Captured CO2 Supplies To Celanese

Linde Initiates Clean Hydrogen, Captured CO2 Supplies To Celanese - Carbon Herald

Linde (Nasdaq: LIN), the leading global industrial gases and engineering company, has started the supply of clean hydrogen and captured carbon dioxide (CO2) to specialty materials and chemical corporation Celanese (NYSE: CE).

The clean hydrogen and CO2 are sourced from Linde’s advanced carbon monoxide and hydrogen production facility in Clear Lake, Texas.

Celanese will utilize the captured CO2 and resulting clean hydrogen provided by Linde, alongside other CO2 sources, as feedstock to produce methanol with reduced carbon intensity at its Fairway Methanol joint venture with Japanese partner Mitsui & Co.

Linde, which already supplies carbon monoxide, oxygen, and nitrogen to Celanese from its Clear Lake facility and US Gulf Coast pipeline system, expands its existing long-term agreement with this additional supply.

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Mark Murray, Senior Vice President of Acetyls at Celanese, emphasized the significance of this collaboration in addressing the challenge of lowering carbon footprints in product manufacturing.

“Celanese is meeting the challenge to produce products with a lower carbon footprint by using carbon dioxide that would otherwise be emitted,” the executive said in a comment.

In turn, Linde’s Vice President South Region, Amer Akhras, highlighted the company’s commitment to supporting customers’ decarbonization objectives.

He stated, “We are proud to expand our existing relationship with Celanese by investing in our Clear Lake facility to enable the production of essential chemicals with a lower carbon intensity.”

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