Linde, Heidelberg Materials Break Ground On German Carbon Capture Facility For Cement Industry

Linde, Heidelberg Materials Break Ground On German Carbon Capture Facility For Cement Industry - Carbon Herald

Linde (Nasdaq: LIN) and Heidelberg Materials (ETR: HEI) celebrated last week the groundbreaking ceremony for their pioneering carbon capture and liquefaction plant at the Lengfurt cement plant in Bavaria, Germany.

This facility, slated to begin operations in 2025, marks a significant advancement in the efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from the cement industry, Heidelberg Materials said in a statement last Thursday.

The project, known as “Capture-to-Use” (CAP2U), represents a joint venture between the two companies and will have a capture capacity of 70,000 tons of carbon dioxide (CO2) annually.

The captured CO2, thanks to its high purity, will be suitable for use in the food and chemical industries.

The initiative is supported by a $16 million (€15 million) grant from the Decarbonization of Industry funding program of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action.

The groundbreaking event, held last Wednesday, was attended by around 50 guests, including Christian Knell, General Manager of Heidelberg Materials Germany, and Andreas X. Müller, Managing Director of Linde Gas Germany.

They emphasized the innovative nature of the project and its potential to significantly reduce the carbon footprint of cement production.

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Knell from Heidelberg Materials highlighted the use of amine scrubbing technology, which will allow the CO2 captured from cement production to be repurposed for industrial applications.

Müller from Linde pointed out that this project exemplifies their support for customers in hard-to-abate sectors, helping them in their decarbonization efforts.

The plant, designed and constructed by Linde Engineering, will utilize an amine scrubbing system specifically developed for flue gases.

The CO2 will be separated from the cement clinker kiln’s exhaust gas, then purified and liquefied.

The project also includes equipment for purification and liquefaction, storage tanks, and loading facilities.

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