Leilac-2 Cement Plant To Operate At A New Location Amidst Clinker Production Halt

Leilac-2 Cement Plant To Operate At A New Location Amidst Clinker Production Halt - Carbon Herald

The Leilac-2 cement plant, developed by technology company Calix, was set to begin carbon capture operations at Heidelberg Materials’ Hannover facility. However, the hosting location has made the decision to halt clinker production, putting the future of the experimental cement plant in question.

The Leilac-2 plant was designed to utilize Calix’s breakthrough CO2 capture technology to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in cement and lime production. The decision to halt clinker production at the Hannover facility means that there will be no need for the experimental plant to operate at its current location.

The progress of the Leilac-2 project has encountered a delay due to this development, despite being well into the engineering phase and on track for completion in 2024.

Calix and its subsidiary Leilac are in talks with Heidelberg to find a new location, and Phil Hodgson, Managing Director at Calix, has stated that an additional six months will be required for site integration once the new location is identified.

Funded by the European Union Horizon 2020 initiative, the Leilac-2 project has received the necessary financial approval to build a demonstration plant with the goal of capturing 100,000 tonnes of CO2 per year from cement and lime production at a very affordable cost. The project also aims to develop a modular solution that can be easily applied at any scale.

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This new facility is a follow-up to the Leilac-1 project, which resulted in the establishment of a pilot plant at the Heidelberg Materials plant in Lixhe, Belgium, in 2019.

According to Calix, the design of the project is not only unique and elegant but also efficient, economic, and scalable. The company aims to provide a flexible and future-proof fuel opportunity for these industries as they search for low-carbon options for their operations.

Additionally, they are confident in their technology’s ability to be retrofitted into operational cement plants without causing any downtime, making it a practical and feasible solution for existing facilities.

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