Leaks Suggest McKinsey Is Influencing African Climate Agenda

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Leaked documents and whistleblowers point towards US consultancy firm McKinsey influencing Africa’s climate agenda, Climate Home News reports. 

This information was obtained by Climate Home via interviews and leaked documents that suggest McKinsey has been increasingly pushing carbon markets and energy transition strategies on the continent. 

Climate justice organizations already addressed the issue in an open letter to Kenyan president William Ruto just weeks ahead of Africa’s first climate summit in September this year.

In the letter, the consultancy firm was accused of “undue influence” on the summit. 

According to Climate Home, multiple sources confirmed that McKinsey had offered the Kenyan president its support in spearheading the summit and had later drafted a paper outlining the outcome of the summit. 

Both McKinsey and the Kenyan government denied these accusations at the time, however, Climate Home’s investigation suggests otherwise, and the matter has since gained notoriety. 

Namely, the investigation revealed deep-rooted ties with organizations responsible for driving the energy transition, such as Sustainable Energy For All (SEforAll) and the Global Energy Alliance for People and Planet (GEAPP).

SEforAll staff had allegedly pointed out CEO Damilola Ogunbiyi’s “preferential treatment” of McKinsey in a whistleblower report three years ago, which was initially dismissed by the organization’s senior management.

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Since then, proof has emerged of what was initially pro-bono work by McKinsey to have become lucrative contracts.

Those exposing McKinsey worry that the consultancy’s unimpeded influence over African climate action is pushing an agenda that may not have the region’s best interests in mind. 

Similar reports of the consultancy firm’s lack of transparency and desire to push its own interests have surfaced recently with regard to the upcoming COP28 summit in the UAE, where the firm is a key advisor. 

France24 reported that McKinsey is looking to push the fossil fuel interests of its major clients in the oil and gas industry.  

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