Leaked EU Strategy Reveals Plans To Remove CO2 From The Air

Leaked EU Strategy Reveals Plans To Remove CO2 From The Air - Carbon Herald
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A leaked draft EU carbon strategy intends to remove CO2 from the atmosphere as a way of contributing to the EU’s climate efforts. 

The proposal was first obtained by French news site Contexte and can be viewed by the courtesy of Euractiv

Earlier this year, the EU approved of its European Climate Law, which, among other things, mandates the removal of any remaining CO2 emissions in Europe by 2050 in order to become carbon-negative after that. 

This new proposal expands on that requirement and emphasizes on upscaling carbon removal solutions that capture emissions from the air and permanently store them. 

The paper suggests two primary removal means: nature-based and industrial solutions, such as carbon capture and storage (CCS) technologies and, once released on December 14th, it is expected to draw significant attention amid governments and policymakers to this issue. 

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