LanzaTech To Slash CO2 Emissions From Disposal Of Old Tires

LanzaTech To Slash CO2 Emissions From Disposal Of Old Tires - Carbon Herald

Carbon capture startup LanzaTech is teaming up with Bridgestone Americas to create a new tire disposal process that would help reduce carbon emissions and decarbonize the production of new tires. 

The way tires are typically disposed of involves either sending them to landfills or burning them, neither of which is a sustainable practice, as it releases CO2 emissions into the atmosphere. 

Over 1 billion tons are disposed of in this manner around the world each year, with the US accounting for roughly 10% of those tires, says research conducted by the World Business Council for Sustainable Development and the Tire Industry Project.

Hence, the new partnership of Bridgestone and LanzaTech, announced this Wednesday, intends to introduce a new practice that will allow the disposal of old tires sustainably.  

The new joint venture will turn old tires into synthetic rubber that will be recycled and used for the manufacturing of new tires or will be converted to ethanol or other renewable biofuels. 

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LanzaTech has already created a solid platform for the conversion of waste CO2 into valuable products that would otherwise rely on fossil fuels for their production, with forged partnerships with numerous large companies across a variety of industries. 

The company’s track record includes products ranging from clothing and textiles to luxury perfumes and more. 

Furthermore, LanzaTech is on its way to go public later this year, which is likely to see its sustainable practices scale and be applied in more and more industries. 

The merger with AMCI Acquisition Corp. II with this exact purpose raised almost $275 million, and some of the major investors in the company include German chemical company BASF and steel manufacturer Arcelor Mittal

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