LanzaTech Produces Ethylene From Carbon, Advances Decarbonization 

LanzaTech Produces Ethylene From Carbon, Advances Decarbonization - Carbon Herald

Carbon capture and transformation (CCT) company LanzaTech has succeeded in directly producing ethylene from carbon in a continuous process. This scientific breakthrough has important implications for the future of the manufacturing sector for everyday consumer goods with waste CO2. 

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In addition to the potential for carbon reduction, this development also creates an opportunity for the company to further penetrate the ethylene market, which is estimated at about $125 billion globally. 

Approximately 160 million tons of ethylene are produced per year. The most commonly used petrochemical in the world, ethylene is currently produced primarily from fossil inputs in a reaction that releases carbon dioxide. The new development can turn carbon into a resource to produce ethylene in a continuous, low-temperature, energy-efficient process.

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