LanzaTech Partner On Presents The First Shoe Made From Captured CO2

LanzaTech Partner On Presents The First Shoe Made From Captured CO2 - Carbon Herald
Credit: On Press Kit

The first shoe made out of CO2 was presented on September 15th. On – the Swiss sports brand announced Cloudprime – the first running shoe made from captured carbon emissions. 

This is done thanks to the primary raw material for the shoe’s midsole called CleanCloud™ EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate) foam, made from recycled carbon dioxide that could also be used in other shoe parts and products in the future.

The CleanCloud™ technology is a result of a five year work and pioneering supply chain partnership with some of the most innovative companies in biochemicals, process and material innovation. On collaborated with LanzaTech, Borealis and Technip Energies to move away from fossil fuel based materials and replace them with CO2 utilization tech. 

Credit: On press kit

On envisions a future where every product is fossil free and fully circular. After finding the best possible partners in the space that can overcome the challenges of developing such complex technology at a commercial scale, the Swiss sports brand is already showing the world it is possible to use recycled CO2 to produce things we need in our daily lives.

The technology works as LanzaTech – the carbon recycling tech company, captures carbon monoxide emitted from industrial sources like steel mills before being released into the atmosphere. 

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The captured emissions enter a patented fermentation process where naturally occurring bacteria helps the carbon rich gas to ferment naturally and get converted to ethanol. This natural fermentation process is similar to that of conventional alcohol production – e.g., beer brewing. 

The ethanol is then dehydrated to create ethylene by Technip Energies, which is then polymerized by Borealis to become EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate) in a form of solid small plastic pellets. The EVA pellets are versatile and lightweight material that On starts working with to create a performance foam for its shoes.

Credit: On press kit

“On’s ambition is to bring the CleanCloud™ technology to as many consumers as possible in the near future. We believe that On can be an agent for positive change through enabling and accelerating the scale up of sustainable technologies such as CleanCloud™”, says Caspar Coppetti, Co-Founder and Executive Co-Chairman of On.

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On announced back in November last year its plans to work on using carbon emissions to create running shoes. Almost a year later, the company has made the CleanCloud initiative a reality and it will continue to work with partners like LanzaTech to scale up the technology. 

The company born in the Swiss Alps had one goal – to revolutionize the sensation of running by empowering all to run on clouds. Today, On is present in more than 60 countries globally and innovates in this space, staying true to its vision.

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