Lafarge Canada And Hyperion Team Up On Pioneering Carbon Recycling Technology

Lafarge Canada And Hyperion Team Up On Pioneering Carbon Recycling Technology - Carbon Herald

Canadian construction giant Lafarge Canada and cleantech leader Hyperion Global Energy have joined forces to pilot a revolutionary system for capturing and recycling carbon emissions. 

This innovative process, known as the Tandem Carbon Recycling System©, promotes a circular approach by transforming captured carbon emissions into valuable mineral components. 

These minerals can then be used in the production of sustainable building materials, such as low-carbon concrete.

The pilot project is currently underway at Lafarge‘s Bath Cement Plant in Ontario, Canada. Here, Hyperion‘s net-zero mineral solutions are being tested for their effectiveness in enhancing advanced concrete products like Lafarge’s ECOPact®. 

This groundbreaking concrete boasts a significantly reduced carbon footprint, with embedded carbon emissions lowered by 30-90% compared to traditional concrete, all while maintaining its performance standards.

The collaboration aims to refine and scale up Hyperion’s proprietary Tandem Carbon Recycling technology. 

This ingenious system acts as a “drop-in” solution, capturing and transforming waste carbon emissions into high-purity minerals. 

These minerals offer a permanent storage solution for captured carbon and boast additional benefits for the construction industry. 

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According to Hyperion, their innovative approach achieves an impressive 98% capture efficiency for CO2 emissions. 

The resulting mineral components not only contribute to a greener building future but also enhance the strength and density of concrete, alongside other potential industrial applications.

Early results suggest the pilot can capture up to 1,000 tons of CO2 annually from the plant’s operations. 

Even more exciting, the system has the potential to be scaled up tenfold within the next year. 

This initial iteration was built entirely in Ontario, showcasing a commitment to supporting local suppliers and skilled workers. Hyperion’s team of industrial engineers played a crucial role in the system’s development and construction.

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David Redfern, President & CEO, Lafarge (Eastern Canada), said: “Our collaboration with Hyperion marks an exciting milestone in our decarbonization journey and the advancement of our circular construction technologies.”

 “We look forward to advancing our Net Zero strategy by leveraging carbon utilization technology like Hyperion’s, enabling us to further reduce CO2 emissions from our operations while at the same time producing innovative and sustainable building solutions.”

Heather Ward, CEO & Co-Founder of Hyperion, also commented on the new partnership: “Working together with an innovative partner like Lafarge on this exciting pilot project allows us to apply our proprietary carbon recycling technology to large-scale industries, and make an immediate, measurable reduction on carbon emissions.”

“At the same time, we are advancing our vision to offer a scalable and affordable decarbonization solution for industry, and a market-driven profit incentive on the cost of carbon removal,” Ward said.

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