Koch Modular Celebrates Launch Of “Project Enterprise” Carbon Capture System

Koch Modular, a global leader in process engineering design and modular construction, is proud to announce and celebrate the forthcoming launch of a unique Carbon Capture Demonstration Scale System, aptly named Project Enterprise.

Unveiled on Friday, July 14th, this project represents a significant milestone in the advancement of carbon capture technology, and it is poised to achieve a remarkable reduction in carbon emissions, projected to be at least 95%.

The Carbon Capture Demonstration System showcases Koch Modular’s pivotal role in developing, testing, and modular delivery of a highly efficient carbon dioxide capture process. The process harnesses a groundbreaking carbon capture solvent developed by ION Clean Energy, a Colorado-based trailblazer in sustainable solvent technologies.

This breakthrough was made possible through a collaborative effort, with Koch Modular and ION’s engineers contributing their respective expertise to design the system.Recently shipped as a series of modules and installed at Calpine’s Los Medanos Energy Center in Pittsburg, CA, Project Enterprise makes strides in addressing carbon emissions from natural gas combustion.

This power plant utilizes natural gas as its primary fuel source to generate electricity. Traditionally, the flue gases produced during natural gas combustion, which contain carbon dioxide, are released directly into the atmosphere.

To assess the efficiency of CO2 capture with ION Clean Energy’s proprietary solvent, a portion of Calpine’s flue gas will be diverted to the new system, generating invaluable data to evaluate the advantages of ION’s solvent technology.Tom Schafer, Vice President of Koch Modular, expresses his enthusiasm about the launch, “We are proud to be at the forefront of solving the critical issue of carbon emissions. Project Enterprise represents Koch Modular’s commitment to developing innovative solutions for a sustainable future. Through our engineering expertise and collaborative efforts with ION Clean Energy, Sargent & Lundy, Calpine, and the Department of Energy, we aim to demonstrate the effectiveness and viability of carbon capture technologies.”Project Enterprise employs a three-step process to achieve its desired results.

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Initially, the hot flue gases are cooled, facilitating the subsequent absorption of carbon dioxide from the flue gas using ION’s transformative ICE-31 solvent. ION’s proprietary solvent boasts a faster and higher-capacity reaction with CO2 than other commercial solvents.

Next, the solvent is regenerated in a state-of-the-art distillation column, allowing the captured carbon dioxide to be stripped from the solvent and collected as a valuable distilled product. This demonstration-scale system will not only validate the removal efficiency but also shed light on the unprecedented stability and low energy consumption required with ION’s carbon capture technology.

A significant achievement of Project Enterprise lies in its focus on addressing carbon dioxide emissions from natural gas combustion, presenting a unique challenge due to the lower carbon-to-hydrogen ratio of flue gases.

Koch Modular and ION Clean Energy have demonstrated their expertise and ingenuity by successfully overcoming this challenge, showcasing their capabilities to address emissions from diverse fuel sources. Jointly funded by the Department of Energy, ION Clean Energy, and Calpine, Project Enterprise is a pivotal step in showcasing the capabilities of carbon capture technology.

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By highlighting capture efficiency, remarkable stability, and efficient energy consumption, this project promises to provide insights that will contribute to the advancement of carbon capture technologies across different fuel sources.“Project Enterprise is an invaluable opportunity to confirm the transformative performance of ICE-31,” said ION VP of Engineering Andrew Awtry, Ph. D. “Our partners at Koch Modular and Calpine are fantastic, and the data we derive from this pilot will prove that our technology is as well.

We’re excited about ION’s contributions to helping our clients achieve their low-carbon energy goals.”Koch Modular is honored to have been entrusted with such a transformative project. It remains committed to leveraging its engineering prowess and collaborative spirit to combat climate change through innovative solutions.

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