Klimate.co And Carboneers Ink Deal For Purchase Of 4,500 Tons Of Carbon Removals

Klimate.co And Carboneers Ink Deal For Purchase Of 4,500 Tons Of Carbon Removals - Carbon Herald

Carbon asset management platform Klimate.co just announced a new milestone in its partnership with carbon removal project developer Carboneers. 

Namely, the two companies signed a deal for the purchase of 4,500 metric tons of carbon removals via biochar. 

As stated by Klimate.co CIO and co-founder Simon Bager, this latest development takes the company’s partnership with Carboneers “to the next level”, but it is also a significant step forward on the path to scaling biochar. 

“I’m really proud that Klimate – through the actions of our customers– are able to work with Carboneers to remove thousands of tonnes of carbon from the atmosphere, while empowering smallholder farmers in India, and delivering environmental benefits to the region,” Bager said. 

Supporting artisanal carbon removal projects of this type is not only a critical part of mitigating the climate crisis, it also benefits local communities by creating sustainable new job opportunities.

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Furthermore, biochar has a number of environmental benefits, which promotes an increase in food security. 

Last year, the initial collaboration between Carboneers and Klimate.co saw a deal for 1,000 tons of carbon removals, which has now steadily grown to 4,500 tons, signifying the growth of the carbon dioxide removal (CDR) industry at large, which we have been noticing over the past years and months. 

Mart de Bruijn, co-founder and director of Carboneers, speaks to the same and adds that the partnership with Klimate.co has also boosted the quality of the developer’s “ distributed projects in the Global South”.

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