Klimat X Rebrands To Carbon Done Right, Reveals Scaling Plans

Klimat X Rebrands To Carbon Done Right, Reveals Scaling Plans - Carbon Herald

Klimat X, a company specializing in nature-based carbon solutions, has revealed its new name: Carbon Done Right. This significant change comes as the company expands its activities through an innovative partnership in AI technology and prepares to list on the London Stock Exchange (AIM).

The company, which promotes reforestation and forest conservation as a key strategy in combating global carbon emissions, is currently carrying out projects in multiple locations, including Sierra Leone, Mexico, Guyana, and Suriname. 

Through the development of carbon assets based on nature, they offer businesses the chance to buy offset credits from sources that benefit local communities and economies.

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The adoption of the new name marks not just the rebranding of Klimat X but also the enhancement of their processes through technological advancements. Utilizing the Carbon Quantification System (CQSTM), the company aims to revolutionize how carbon sequestration is monitored and verified. 

This innovative system leverages satellite technology to closely track the carbon uptake of each tree planted in its projects, ensuring the accurate and transparent generation of carbon credits. This move demonstrates the company’s innovative approach to combating climate change, providing greater credibility and clarity within the carbon offset sector.

In addition to these significant announcements, the company is also preparing to join AIM. This decision would result in Carbon Done Right becoming a dual-listed firm, as they are currently also present on the TSX Venture Exchange.

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In response to the news, CEO James Tansey stated that the company is dedicated to offering high-quality, clear carbon credits and streamlining the process of purchasing offsets.

He said, “The incorporation of proprietary technology will see us become a vertically integrated business active in nature-based projects, reflecting our mission to provide our buyers extraordinary levels of trust and traceability along all aspects of the carbon offset supply chain and live by our name Carbon Done Right.”

He continued by adding that this is an exciting time for the company, and when coupled with their AIM dual listing plans, more updates on their advancements are expected to come soon.

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