Kern County Supervisor Explains Green Transition Opportunities

The green transition is seen as an opportunity to bring an economic future for the greater Tehachapi area. Second District Supervisor Zack Scrivner – the new chair of the Kern County Board of Supervisors, made such announce during his first appearance at the Greater Tehachapi Economic Development Council meeting on March 2. 

The goal of the Greater Tehachapi Economic Development Council is to enhance the quality of life in the Greater Tehachapi Area by attracting, retaining and supporting business. 

Mr. Scrivner shared his views on the state of the county’s economy, including the oil industry being threatened by over-regulation and being pushed out of business. According to him, Kern County, as usual, will be clever and proactive in designing a future that supports its existing companies as they innovate. Industries like oil, wind, solar and agriculture would not be left behind along with its communities that could lead California in energy and innovation.

Scrivener also shares that Kern County is uniquely positioned to move into the future of carbon management, in particular carbon capture and storage. The oil companies positioned in the county, own and have leases on the geologic formations needed for long-term CO2 storage. 

“Kern is well on our way to establishing ourselves as the California Center for Innovation and Excellence in carbon management,” stated Scrivner highlighting the support needed from the Department of Energy and the National Renewable Energy Lab.  

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New technologies in water management, long-term storage of emissions are also providing Kern with the opportunity to try out these ideas. “Once we jump-start the carbon management part, the private sector and property owners in that area will design it and we will create protective streamlined permitting through an inclusive public process,” added Scrivener.

Attracting green money presents a chance for counties like Kern to build an economic development pathway. New industries like carbon capture, part of the green transition, are providing new investments, jobs and taxes for communities and bring an optimistic look for local businesses.

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