Kent Engineers To Screen Full Value Chain For Project Greensand

Kent Engineers To Screen Full Value Chain For Project Greensand - Carbon Herald

Kent, a UK engineering consultancy, has been brought in by the Ineos Energy-led consortium to screen the full value chain for the CCS project Greensand. 

The project is a landmark joint initiative between 23 Danish and international partners that aims to inject massive amounts of carbon dioxide from industrial emitters into the Nini oil & gas field in the Danish North Sea with the intention to expand to other depleted offshore oil and gas fields in the area. 

Project Greensand aims to inject some 8 million metric tons of CO2 in the determined storage location (a sandstone reservoir, found 1,800 meters (~5,900 ft) below the seabed) by 2030. 

And this latest development of starting a full value chain screening for Project Greensand with the engineers from Kent is a major step forward in that direction. 

The UK engineering consulting company will deal with the assessment of everything from the onshore carbon capture sites all the way through to the liquefaction, onshore storage and transportation of the captured CO2. 

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In its first phase, the project is set to permanently store up to 1.4 million tons of CO2 emissions per year, starting in 2024. 

In a comment on the recent onboarding of Kent, the company’s operations director Neil Taylor said: “Project Greensand is among the frontrunners of CO2 storage projects in Europe and has the potential to support Denmark’s and Europe’s wider CO2 emission reduction targets.”

In fact, if the project proves successful, the annual amount of stored carbon dioxide will be the equivalent of the emissions of 725,000 Danes, which is just over 13% of the country’s total emissions output. 

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