KANFA To Work With Carbon Centric On Carbon Capture Plant In Norway

KANFA To Work With Carbon Centric On Carbon Capture Plant In Norway - Carbon Herald

KANFA, an independent process design and engineering company, has secured a contract for a full-scale carbon capture plant to be built by Carbon Centric at a waste-to-energy facility in Rakkestad, Norway.

KANFA’s client Carbon Centric recently made the final investment decision for the 10,000-ton carbon capture unit after having its permit approved by the Norwegian Environment Agency.

The incineration plant is owned by electric utility Østfold Energi, which is also the largest shareholder in Carbon Centric with 45%.

This comprehensive project encompasses not only post-combustion carbon capture but also the treatment and liquefaction of the captured carbon dioxide (CO2) to food-grade quality.

With an investment of approximately $9.5 million (100 million Norwegian kroner), Carbon Centric is committed to advancing the carbon capture plant’s design, initiating fabrication immediately, and targeting commissioning in spring 2025.

This endeavor showcases that even smaller incineration plants can leverage carbon capture technology to curtail emissions, KANFA said in a statement Tuesday.

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Collaborating with Carbon Centric will enhance the incineration plant’s environmental impact by cleaning flue gases and isolating CO2, contributing significantly to Østfold Energi’s emissions reduction goal by 2030, the utility’s CEO, Oddmund Kroken, said in a comment.

Carbon Centric recently raised around $11.4 million and onboarded Vardar and Obligo as new shareholders, while also securing a green loan from Norway’s largest bank DNB and $1.6 million via state-owned Enova. 

The Rakkestad project is designed to capture 10,000 tons of CO2 annually, utilizing KANFA’s licensed proprietary amine solvent.

In the absence of viable storage options, Carbon Centric intends to capture and sell CO2 for reuse.

KANFA will collaborate with several local companies, including Slåttland Mek Industri, during the implementation of the project and has reached an agreement with Linde Gas for the supply of liquid CO2.

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